Susan Schmitz

Dusty Scenes

Learn how to create dusty dramatic scenes in your wildlife photos by using Photoshop brushes that are included in this course.


Safari Sunset Silhouette

Learn the basics of image compositing in just over an hour with this fun safari scene. Bonus dust brush included.


I've Got Your Back - Intro to Image Compositing

A free lesson on how to clean up, cut-out and composite animal images into endless possible fun and whimsical scenes. Special bonus inside! Sign up to find out more.


Creative Critter Compositing

Learn how to create fun interactive images of animals by extracting photos and compositing them into endless possible scenes.


Roadmap to Royalties

A comprehensive course on how to begin building a residual income stream from your photos through image licensing.


Slow Wildlife Crossing

An intermediate lesson on photo compositing and using the shape tool to create a sign.