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In this lesson, I will walk you through these essential steps of the compositing process in Photoshop: 

  • Using selection and masking tools to extract images from their background
  • Compositing images together using layers, blend modes, masks and more
  • Creating realistic shadows
  • Using custom fur, bubble and water droplet brushes
  • Final touches to tie everything together

Requirements - Adobe Photoshop CC or CS, and a working knowledge of layers, selections, masks and brushes. A drawing tablet is highly recommended.

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Susan Schmitz
Susan Schmitz
Stock Photographer/Digital Artist

About the instructor

I am a photographer and digital artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I am obsessed with animals and I love to travel. I've combined all of my passions into one dream job... I create stock imagery designed for the animal and travel industries. 

I really enjoy working with other photographers and am happy to share all I know with you. If you have any questions before taking any courses, please feel free to drop me a line at 

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