Feeling like something is holding you back in your animal photography business?

Creating the same type of images over and over again can really be annoying.

Put some FUN back into your photos with my Creative Critter Compositing course.  Learn some new tricks that will open up the dog-door to a new world full of endless possibilities!  The only thing limiting you is your imagination!

Need to find more clients and make more cash?

Learn to create images that everyone will be begging for!  

Watch your client base grow as you expand your product and service offerings. 

Create images that go great on gift items such as prints, housewares, coffee mugs, phone cases and other goodies that you can sell on places like Etsy, Creative Market, Cafe Press, your own website...  

Just think of all of the sales possibilities!

Set yourself apart from the competition by creating images that stand out from the rest of the pack. Your clients will sit up and take notice! 

Not sure you have the skills to create complex composites? 

Don't worry. I've got your back.

I will walk you through the entire process, from photo shoot through Photoshop. You will get an inside look at the exact process that I have used to create thousands of fun, whimsical images that are licensed and used by the Big Dogs in the animal industry all over the globe.

Create images that are isolated on white

Animal businesses everywhere love working with images isolated on white because they are easy to incorporate into design layouts on marketing materials, websites, product packaging and more. Take a look at how some big brand companies have used my images to create valuable content:

Having images with pure white backgrounds allows any image to be integrated into any type of marketing material that we are making. 

Jodi Polanski, Lost Our Home Pet Rescue - Founder and CEO

Get behind-the-scenes insight into my studio set-up

See how I work with a portable and affordable photo studio that will work in small spaces such as rescue group conference rooms, a client's home or in your own living room.

Prefer to shoot your animals out in the wild? (Not literally, of course!)

I'll show you advanced selection and masking techniques that will allow you to extract any animal out of their outdoor environment and place them into an endless array of artistic options. 

It will look like you're the greatest animal trainer on earth.


Even Caesar Milan will be jealous of your ability to get pets to behave.  I will show you how to take the complexity out of compositing so you can create any scene your heart desires. Get even the most unruly pet pack to look perfectly posed.

Yes, there can be peace on earth. (Or at least in your own virtual world)

Learn how to manipulate your wildlife travel scenes into a magical land where even the greatest of enemies can come together to find peace and harmony. Learn advanced shading, coloring and special effect techniques that will have you creating fantasy worlds faster than a flight to Africa.

Learn these new tricks:

  • Advanced selections
  • Masking
  • Extractions
  • Layering
  • Blend modes
  • Custom brushes
  • Actions
  • Exposure and color adjustments
  • Creating realistic shadows
  • Creating objects using shapes
  • Much more!

Practice files included in many of the lessons!

I'm throwing you a bone by including 3 BIG BONUSES!

Photoshop Actions: 

Download "Susan's Secret Image Popper", which will improve color and clarity in your images with the press of a button. Create advanced shadows, fake a shallow depth of field or give a dog a dental cleaning with my own secret Photoshop formulas.

Photoshop Brushes:  

Make an animal grow some hair, add some grass to the ground, make it snow outside, blow some bubbles for a kitten to play with, throw a puppy party with confetti falling from the sky. Do some pretty cool stuff with my special effect brushes.

Intro to Image Licensing Chapter:  

Don't let all of your newly acquired talents go waste by letting your images just sit on your hard drive collecting dust. Sell those puppies!  Learn the basics of image licensing with a free chapter from my Roadmap to Royalties course. Find out how you can get stock agencies to work for you by selling your images to some of the top animal brands around the world.

*Requirements:  Adobe Photoshop CS or CC and a working knowledge of the program including layers, masks and custom brushes. An editing tablet and Topaz ReMask* are highly recommended but not required. Nik photo filters are also used- Get them for free here.

*The link to Topaz Remask is an affiliate link. I wouldn't highly recommend it if I didn't think it was totally awesome!

About the instructor

Stock Photographer/Digital Artist

Susan Schmitz

I am a photographer and digital artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I am obsessed with animals and I love to travel. I've combined all of my passions into one dream job... I create stock imagery designed for the animal and travel industries. I really enjoy working with other photographers and am happy to share all I know with you. If you have any questions before taking any courses, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Capturing Images

    • Cost-Effective Studio Setup

    • Treats, Toys and Noise Makers

    • Lighting and Camera Settings

    • The Photo Session

  • 3

    Culling and Cleanup

    • Culling Through Images for Compositing Prospects

    • Initial Adjustments in Lightroom or Camera Raw

    • Correcting Color Casts and Exposure Issues

  • 4


    • Advanced Adjustments and Extractions in Photoshop

    • Face Swapping and Extractions in Topaz Remask

    • Advanced Extractions - White Fluffy Fur on a White Background

    • Extracting Animals from Outdoor Environments

  • 5


    • Intro to Compositing 1 - Merging Two Images Together

    • Image Compositing 2 - Review of Techniques Learned So Far

    • Advanced Compositing 1 - Composition, Perspective and Proportions

    • Advanced Compositing 2 - Matching Exposure, Shadows and Highlights

    • Advanced Compositing 3 - Adding Grass and Creating a Sky

    • Final Touches, Color Adjustments and Filters

    • Creating Signs and Having Animals Hold Them

  • 6

    Practice Composites

  • 7


    • BONUS - Susan's Favorite Photoshop Actions

    • BONUS - Susan's Favorite Photoshop Brushes

    • BONUS - Free Intro to Image Licensing Class

Here's what other photographers are saying...

Susan's love of her art absolutely transfers over to her love of teaching. Susan helped me to learn everything in my early career and years later, I still find myself referring back to her teachings in everyday photography situations! You will absolutely love Susan, her work, and her creative ways of making hard techniques much more fun!!
~ Cassie Rose Madden
Knowledge is power, and that’s exactly what Susan – with her in-depth experience in the field – shared with us in her class.
~ Claudia Johnstone
Susan breaks down all she has learned over many years of building her successful stock portfolio  Her laid back style and tell it like it is approach is refreshing, fun and super informative.
~ Natalie Rotman Cote
Susan is one of those rare mentors that will likely change the course of your photography life from the moment you begin the course.

~ Scott Bain

Start creating your own fantasy animal worlds today!