Learn How to Make Money From Photos Taken While You Travel, Volunteer and Enjoy Everyday Moments

Don't listen to the nay-sayers. 

Stock photography is not a dying market. 

You just need to know how to play the game.

The demand for quality digital imagery increases as fast as technology advances. Companies cannot keep up with the demand for fresh content on their social media feeds and digital marketing campaigns. But sadly, they rarely hire photographers and pay them top-dollar for assignments anymore. They license images from stock photography libraries for their many visual content needs such as marketing materials, social media feeds, product packaging and more. Here are just a few examples of how my domestic animal stock images are used:

"Companies rarely hire photographers and pay them top-dollar for assignments anymore. They license images from stock photography libraries"

Like it or not, that is the way that it works these days. You can spend your time bitching about it, or you can change with the times and benefit from it. Don't be one of those people that spends all of their time on photography forums complaining that they can't make money anymore. Use that time to be productive and produce images that will sell. Companies want to buy images that will help to sell their products and services. 

This course will give you access to the complete business system that I have developed over the past 7 years that allows me to consistently produce and upload new high-quality images that sell year after year, resulting in a steady and increasing residual income flow. Sure there are down months, but as long as I stay motivated and consistently upload new content, my average earnings are increasing.

I will not mislead you with false promises of quick and easy riches. This is real hard work. To be successful, you must be willing to put in the time and effort needed to build a large library of good, unique, commercially-valuable images. This takes time and a hell of a lot of work to do. But once you accomplish this, the royalty payments will start rolling in and you will be able to get a little bit of your life back!

What's holding you back from taking the next leap in your photography career?

Is it financial security? Then start fixing that by building a residual income flow from images that you already have sitting on your hard drive!

Susan Schmitz
Susan Schmitz
Photographer/Digital Artist

About the instructor

Hey There! My name is Susan Schmitz and I am a photographer and digital artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. My work mainly consists of stock images designed for the animal and travel industries which are used on items such as marketing materials, product packaging, billboards, calendars and more. You can see some of my work at A Dog's Life Photography which houses my fun, whimsical, conceptual animal art. Susan Schmitz Photography is where you can see more adventurous side with my travel and wildlife images.

Read more about me by clicking here

Here's What Others Have To Say...

Susan has an incredible eye for quality photography and art, which is such an important element for an instructor! Her technical skills are like no other and she takes great care in every single image. Her love of her art absolutely transfers over to her love of teaching. Susan helped me to learn everything in my early career and years later, I still find myself referring back to Susan's teachings in everyday photography situations! I absolutely owe much of my career to her time and patience! :) You will absolutely love Susan, her work, and her creative ways of making hard techniques much more fun!!
~ Cassie Rose Madden
Knowledge is power, and that’s exactly what Susan – with her in-depth experience in the field – shared with us in her class. I feel empowered, with a new understanding of the entire process, how stock photography works, how to get started, and how to make extra money by doing what I love – capturing images!
~ Claudia Johnstone
Susan breaks down all she has learned over many years of building her successful stock portfolio  Her laid back style and tell it like it is approach is refreshing, fun and super informative. She narrows it all down to exactly what we need to know to start earning royalties, including her streamlined workflow, honed over years of submitting to stock agencies.  Her course will shave years off your own 'road to royalties!
~ Natalie Rotman Cote
I’ve taken countless online, hybrid, and in-person courses throughout my photography career. As an instructor and photographer myself, I feel especially qualified to speak to Susan’s talent behind the camera as well as her skill and effectiveness as an instructor and mentor. Her experience and passion for photography is evident in every corner of the course and every point she discusses. I feel she is one of those rare mentors that will likely change the course of your photography life from the moment you begin the course. Bluntly, Susan created a course that is worth much more to a photographer in the first day than the cost of buying it many times over. The content is organized and presented in an interesting and compelling framework, while also being exciting and practical for anyone interested in entering the world of commercial stock photography. The wealth of knowledge and the structure Susan has built into the course will lead to immediate results in your growth as a photographer. From the wealth of information in the course itself to the planned path Susan lays out for getting images published for stock, you’ll wish you had been able to take this course sooner. This is truly a fantastic class for any level of photographer and comes with my highest recommendations.

~ Scott Bain

It's Not Just an E-Book

This is access to my complete business system with an action plan. If you complete this course in its entirety, you will walk away with: 

  • A complete understanding of how image licensing works
  • Access to the legal forms you need to license images of models and owned property
  • Direction on the types of images to create that have the best chances of selling, and that you actually enjoy photographing
  • Knowledge of how to get your images found with effective metadata
  • Your first set of images submitted for approval at two of the top microstock agencies
  • The tools you need to continue to produce and submit images efficiently and effectively
  • BONUS #1 - Learn how to give back to the community and earn a few bucks while you are at it. Take a deep dive into the Rescue Group Photo program that I created that provides me with all of the animal models I need to create an endless amount of stock images and how these images help to save lives and raise awareness for the animal rescue community.
  • BONUS #2 - A large list of various types of outlets to work with that will work hard to license your images for you. Including ways to sell fine art prints, photo gift items, greeting cards and more. Also find out how to get notified when big name companies are looking for specific types of images for upcoming advertising campaigns.
  • BONUS #3 - The support and assistance of a community of like-minded entrepreneurial artists that are also venturing into the land of image licensing in out private Facebook group where Susan will frequently visit to answer your questions and give you tips for success. 

Presented to you in a variety of formats to keep you awake and engaged!

  Audio files to listen to on the go

  Instructional videos on important processes and techniques

  Detailed text instructions including helpful links to resources

  Quizzes to help reinforce what you have learned

 Photoshop actions and brushes to download

Learn how you can take every day moments like giving your (reluctant) dog a bath: 

Into an ongoing income stream that could potentially make you thousands:

Act now to take advantage of our under construction pricing!

Get huge discounts for bearing with us while we renovate and expand our course site. 

Option 1: Self-Guided Tour Includes:

  • Immediate access to all available lessons and downloads. Currently lessons 1-5 are available. A new will lesson will be released once a week up to lesson 10. (Lessons 9 and 10 are the bonus lessons that come at the end, after you have learned the basics of licensing)
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can interact with other like-minded royalty-seeking artists.  I will visit regularly to share tips and answer your questions. 

Private Guided Tour:

Want a little help navigating the winding roads? Let me be your back-seat driver. Sign up for this VIP experience which gives you the added bonuses of: 

  • Guidance in selecting your first 10 images to submit for approval to stock agencies. (You provide me with a link to your best images and I will suggest the best ones for your first submissions)
  • A one hour private Skype call with me to review these images before you submit them so I can give you advice on any modifications to make to help them to get them accepted.
  • Support via e-mail for 10 weeks after your sign-up date to answer your questions along the way.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If within the first 5 days after you purchase this course, you find that it is not the right fit for you, just let me know and I will refund 100% of your payment.

Software requirements: 

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I use the CC versions on the creative cloud but the techniques used will apply to most earlier versions. 

Some filter plug-ins are recommended throughout the course but are not required. 

Course Curriculum

6 - Mid-Term Exam: Apply For Acceptance to Stock Agencies

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